Elite workgroups

Each of us is unique, we have a personal history and hopes, we need to be seen, to be counted, and we need support. Nevertheless, we have to work in groups. Only in this way do we ensure access to the required resources and capacity to meet meaningful goals.
According to the latest theories, society became chaotic, over-communicated. The work ethic also changed.

I had the privilege of attending dozens of corporate parties and team building, a resource of beautiful memories. It is an effective way for organizations to support group belonging, develop valuable informal relationships, and strengthen the employer brand. The real and effective changes these short-term events later produce in people’s actions, however, are as short-lived. People simply return to their initial behavioral habits.

Ethys Executive Consulting and Coaching for elite working groups is an efficient process that lasts a minimum of 3-6 months, with sustained long-term results. It pursues precise goals and the creation of new essential behaviors to meet the objectives. The process is preceded by a preliminary conversation with the leader of the working group, to agree on the key issues to be addressed, the evaluation methods, and the mutual expectations.

For one day per month, the group will then meet in a group executive coaching session, facilitated by Iulia Deac, to generate and implement possible actions, adjusted and diversified permanently in the following meetings, depending on the measured progress.

If you are a doctor or nurse with a coordination role, or if you are a non-medical manager in the health industry, I invite you to a preliminary conversation, to evaluate and set mutual expectations.

By partnering, your professional group will experience a precise methodology of mutual behavioral learning, for the real and sustained increase in the quality of professional life and performance in the given context. It is proven that ordinary people, together, could accomplish something extraordinary.