This Agreement is concluded between SC ETHYS SCIENTIFIC SRL, as owner and administrator of the site ethys.ro and of the provider of the services offered through it, and any person accessing the site or wishing to use the services in any way. (hereinafter referred to as “user”).


1. Acceptance of the Agreement
The conditions under which any person may access the ethys.ro website or in any way use the services offered through it are established by this Agreement. All services and information you benefit from on the site ethys.ro are made available only on condition that you fully accept the provisions of this Agreement. By accessing the pages that make up the site ethys.ro, you are obliged to comply with all the provisions contained in this Agreement. Failure to accept any provision of the Agreement leads to the obligation not to use any part of the content of the site ethys.ro or of the services offered through it, which are offered to you subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use.
2. Modification of the provisions of the Agreement
ETHYS reserves the right to unilaterally modify the contents of this Agreement, without prior notice, making public the provisions by updating this page of the ethys.ro website. For this reason, we recommend you to visit this page periodically, in order to keep you updated with the terms and conditions of use of the ethys.ro website.


ETHYS will ensure the confidentiality of the data provided by the user and will take the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure their security.
In certain sections of the site ethys.ro, personal data will be requested, according to the definition of Law 677/2001, for the protection of the persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data. The user’s refusal to provide the data determines his non-registration in the ETHYS database and, in some cases, the impossibility of accessing certain sections of the site. Thus, data of an identifiable nature will be collected and stored in the ETHYS database in the following cases:

1. General information collected by ETHYS
a) by registering on the site ethys.ro, by creating an account or at subsequent authentications;
b) by using the electronic payment system to pay for certain products or services that will be offered by ETHYS
c) by receiving and recording on the server certain IT data, such as the IP address and cookie of the site accessed by you.
d) by subscribing to the monthly newsletter.

ETHYS will ensure that it will not use the general information registered, provided by the user directly, upon registration or payment, or indirectly, through the activity carried out on the ethys.ro website, except in order to improve the services offered, by facilitating access to relevant information and links for the user.
2. Information regarding the purpose of collecting personal data
ETHYS processes your personal data by automated and manual means. You are not required to provide us with the above data. These are necessary for us to facilitate your access to potential employers. Your refusal to provide us with the data determines your failure to register in the ETHYS database. Your express and unequivocal consent to the processing of personal data will be deemed granted from the moment you transmit your personal data to ETHYS or from the moment of their publication, if you have made them public, in advance.


1. Intellectual property
The graphic design and the content of the site ethys.ro are the property of ETHYS and are protected by the legislation on intellectual property, ETHYS having the right to modify, at any time, both the content and the graphic conception of the site. The user undertakes not to reproduce the materials on the site ethys.ro, without having previously obtained the written consent of the ETHYS representatives.
2. Stopping the provision of services through the site ethys.ro
ETHYS is entitled, without prior warning and without any reason whatsoever, to order the total limitation or blocking of the user’s access to the site, the deletion of the account and the prohibition of its subsequent registration. Also, ETHYS has the right to terminate the access to the ethys.ro website and to stop the provision of any services, without notifying and in no way motivating this decision.
3. The rights provided by Law 667/2001, for the protection of persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data.