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Profound respect-based Leadership coaching Education

After a century of incredible discovery, medicine has become the art of managing extreme complexity – and a test of whether such complexity can, in fact, be humanly mastered. Gawande, Atul. The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right. New York: Metropolitan Books, 2010.

Ethys VISION & DEIJ statement


In medicine, there are diseased, aging, or dying people suffering and there is also another type of suffering, the organizational and systemic one. The “experts’” coaching & leadership education that redefines the concepts of a chief, therapeutic intervention or digitization, could transform the healthcare industry from a knowledge, technology, and status-oriented industry into a real „caring for people” industry, for a better quality of life that they are hoping for. The coaching disciplines could be the professional resource for a balanced transformation of self, the professional group, and the patient.

We envision that essential coaching mentality and behaviors, based on the International Coaching Federation framework, will recenter medicine from its current organizational and systemic professional suffering to the suffering of the people it serves. The essential Coaching disciplines will empower medical practitioners to go beyond the trap of the huge fragmented medical knowledge, the newest technology, and the professional hierarchies. Through ownership and wise use of science and technology, including behavioral sciences, it could be possible that ultimately, the healthcare industry will keep its promises.

D&I, Equity, and Justice statement

We will place diversity, inclusion, belonging, and justice at the forefront of every decision, strategy, or choice to be made inside and outside the organization. On our journey toward our vision, we deeply respect and validate each human’s own story and potential contribution to the greater good through professionalism and dialogue. We do not discriminate based on age, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. We also follow the ONU Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Simona Rednic Phd Prof MD Medical&Scientific advisor


Iulia Deac ACC DiplMgm MD Program designer&facilitator



Ethys exists to bring the gold standard of coaching core competencies through profound learning, understanding, and disciplined action, to healthcare and technology professionals. Ethys mission is more than a statement, it is our promise. Inspired by diverse and concrete successful work in healthcare and not only by psychological theories, the Ethys educational program “Profound respect-based Leadership coaching” aims to optimize the quality and long-term success of the healthcare professional life.

A new balance of leader behaviors, knowledge, and technology, will reduce the drama and better serve the people in need.

Ethys VALUES  Respect The power of belief Profundity


All our interactions with partners, clients, and competitors are based on profound respect, consideration, and validation for each human’s effort and suffering, regardless of status, education, or actions. Intellectual humility and the openness to understand complexity are the foundations of our unconditional respect. Our expressions of this value are politeness, direct communication, and a helping mentality.


We really take into consideration people’s diverse beliefs, motivations, and values, as sources of one’s inner power to act with courage. Continuous dialogue about our different beliefs and our different understanding could bring us closer to a common meaning. Beyond that, shared faith is making shared purposes happen.


Profoundly learning, understanding, and acting upon a few essential bodies of knowledge as well as recognizing the unknown and the uncertain may be more productive in the future compared to contemporary dilettantism, exhaustion, and confusion of “knowing everything” superficially, being overconnected and overcommunicating……….and doing the same.

Profundity is the foundation for respect, clarity, professionalism, and collaboration. It could be the professional journey to a meaningful simplicity. Constantin Brâncuși, the famous Romanian minimalist wrote: ” Simplicity is not a purpose in art, but one achieves simplicity despite one’s self by entering into the real sense of things.” It could be the same in leadership.

Ethys Scientific is a space of profound respect Executive coaching & Mentor coaching for meaningful and effortful journeys to simplicity and joy. On the journey, it is possible to obtain a clearer self-concept related to a fresh perspective on the current and future professional reality.


We are not hiding behind sophisticated or vague words and ideas, and not behind a simplistic formula either. Inspired by Mastermind groups, we strive to carefully and precisely understand how reality works, the words, and the conversations. We strive to deeply understand and respect each other unique stories and to build together a shared meaning and a real sense for some successful different and consistent behavior, as defined by ICF.

Ethys learning philosophy for the Coaching Education Program „Profound respect-based Leadership coaching in medicine & tech”  started from the next perspectives on the professional healthcare realities:

1. People waste too much energy because of healthcare organizational and systemic interprofessional unnecessary drama up to burnout through professional bullying,

2. There is an almost exclusive focus on the endless maze of science & technology knowledge that fails to reach the stated purpose of a better life for each patient through precision, affordable costs, and universal access.

3. the human cognitive, especially attentional resources are “severely limited” compared to the huge amount of stimuli we encounter continuously and compared to the huge amount of fragmented scientific knowledge.

As a people manager-coach, essential coaching competencies and professional relationships-building education gave me decades ago the kind of understanding, focus, and work-life meaning that lacks in the long medical education and practice which continues to be overwhelmed by the needed techno-scientific competencies and by the unnecessary organizational drama.

The Ethys Education on Leadership Coaching

centers on the construct of profound respect as an essential discipline of understanding human beings at work beyond formal or non-formal leadership roles. Understanding the principles of complexity science is also filling a gap between classical science, linear – causality, status-oriented healthcare mentalities, organizations, and patient’s needs.

The International Coaching Federation framework is a coherent synergistic and dynamic system of essential behavioral competencies to support performance and prevent exhaustion in the demanding and complex nowadays medical world.

My role as an educator

is to select and facilitate the building of Mastermind alliances of already experienced learners and experienced professionals in different career stages from different stakeholder organizations in the healthcare industry.

The“coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony” (as Napoleon Hill defined the mastermind alliance), beyond the strong and limiting healthcare silos and hierarchy, is an ambitious purpose in itself. It is a process of transforming the ingrained habits of

– partizan thinking (us and them),

– superiority or inferiority complex,

– indirect communication through passive-aggressive behavior or gossip,

– habitual counter argumentation (black or white thinking), whining,

into a facilitated group coaching conversation based on profound respect and understanding for each. The executive coaching essential disciplines are the keys to the journey. A journey to harmony and minimalism in unstructured groups is unique to each and not always comfortable.

Our coaching education program is focused on two main learning theories: Transformative Learning theory (founded by Jack Mezirov) and Cognitive learning theory, which are both related to cognitive-behavioral and rational emotive behavior theories.

It is designed for

good hard-working people to regain their well-deserved joy and internal peace at work, no matter the magnitude of the world’s perpetual change. It is meant for people that somehow already lead and coach by profession if the ultimate scope of the medical profession is to change lives by alleviating human pain and suffering. I am inviting you to a fresh and insightful perspective also on your own professional suffering.

It is meant for already experienced learners of scientific complex concepts, who already know that intellectual work is intentional and effortful, solution seekers for ambiguous problems, hard workers, formal or non-formal leaders to be or not. Come to us if you suppose that something is currently wrong at work and you are searching for some clarity at least and eventually for a better professional life.

This coaching education program is not about another useless certification. It is a journey towards changing perspectives on apparently simple things like conversations, unconscious habits, authority, interests, and values. It is about allocating time for a new and profound understanding of the day-to-day work life inspired by the relatively young behavioral sciences and complexity science, as valuable to humankind as the classical sciences are.

The majority of our students graduate with at least ACC level of coaching competencies, as the first grounded step for a career in professional coaching or as a new set of few essential habitual behaviors for better stress management, leadership effectiveness, key professional relationship building, performance, inner strength and peace, conflict management, better coping with pressure, toxic people and organizational chaos.


The scientific knowledge

▪ Breakthrough or game-changing scientific evidence-based knowledge is rare in neurobiology as well as in the behavioral, organizational, or leadership domains. There is still a lot of unknown and a lot of noisy speculative pseudoscience. The selection of a coherent and essential scientific body of knowledge to inspire facilitate and sustain a few individualized and realistic key habit changes is a continuous passionate hard work of mine. The alignment with the real problems of real work life and with the ICF framework is key to structure and consistency. The selected minimalist body of knowledge is not to be read but intentionally studied, correlated, and added to the prior experience to profoundly understand and experiment differently in the future.

▪ Facilitated Mastermind Alliance conversations correlate new to previous knowledge and to the relevant diverse work experience and observations of each.

At the end of the course, students should be able to demonstrate understanding and apply the concepts of mental models, habit formation, false perceptions, personality, emotional construct, complexity science, difficult patients, stages of change during illness as well as organizational change.

Attentional and observational training

  • Behavior self-regulation through structured observation of the recorded workshops and coaching conversations, from 3 different perspectives: self, the other, and the external emergence observer. Structured feedforward feedback related to the ICF framework, from faculty and peers.
  • Attentional training
  • Role-plays

At the end of the course, students should demonstrate at least the ACC markers during a coaching conversation, better attentional and emotional management, and the capability to co-create individual coaching strategies and plans with peers. As formal or non-formal leaders at work, our students report a more efficient contribution to meetings, clearer career views, better influence in groups of professionals and with difficult patients, and a fresh approach to managing conflict.

The mentor coaching process

After completing the first part of the Ethys program ” Observe, Hear&Change your conversation”, and three out of five observed coaching sessions, the students have the option to enroll simultaneously in the Mentor coaching process, during the second part ” Adapt to People&Systems”. At the end of the Mentor Coaching process, students should be able to pass the final performance evaluation for The ICF competence markers at least at the ACC level.

Our promise

is hard work, total openness, understanding, and effortful support for each student to develop at their own pace the desired coaching competencies. The choices and responsibilities to prioritize profound learning in a noisy and changing world, to take an active role, and to participate with undivided attention in the workshops and assignments belong ultimately to the students. My promise is to support each student at the pace it desires or affords, as long as one needs, by eliminating the time limit of the program and by making myself as accessible as possible to each student individually.

We do not have the ambition to change the world or to build a scalable profitable automated communication tool either. This education program is not for everybody and anyone. Our promise is to one unique professional and eventually one unique group at a time with a profoundly human approach and will stay like that for the next decade.

Ethys  “Profound respect-based Leadership coaching” Education consists of 65 hours of live online interactive learning of the coaching competencies as leadership disciplines, optionally combined with  10 Mentor coaching online hours or one full day in-person Masterclass ” Conversation with no masks”. Classes are held in the Romanian language with no more than 20 participants, respectively no more than 10 participants for the Mentor coaching process.

THE WEEKLY EVENING SESSIONS are 2 hours long and the recordings, the written materials, and other resources are available for study on the Ethys partner account created upon enrollment. The program completion takes at least 7 months but we adapt to busy professionals, with flexibility for individual assignments, pace, and no graduation deadline.

THE PROGRAM IS DESIGNED FOR elite professionals* in medicine and technology, doctors, head nurses, managers, administrative and tech specialists from different organizations and is consistent with the ICF framework. 

PRICE  One student needs to invest 1800 EUR for the entire online program. The in-person Masterclass ” Conversation with no masks” costs 150EUR and is optional but worth it. The payment is made prior to the enrollment. Installment payments and group discounts are possible.

CALL OR WRITE TO  iulia.deac@ehys.ro or +40725933736 to learn about each other and about your professional situation. Maybe we could help.

Our fair price is an insignificant percentage of your potential energy and professional daily losses that will continue by not enrolling.  

READ the Terms and Conditions of the enrollment agreement.

* Proffesionals are employees with or without managerial authority, but high status within the organization because of the knowledge and/or skills they possess. From entry-level to senior professionals, these employees are experts in their field and usually have a high level of education. ©2013 HOGAN A SSESSMENT S YST E M S , I N C .