Elite workgroups Ethys is a sparring partner for elite working groups, made up of people with high professional expertise, who work under pressure. People who want to lose no more energy in vain and can jointly create solutions and standards of practice for the organization and even for their industry.
They will start to believe this is possible.
Mazed relationships Ethys Program - Mazed Relationships - develops direct non-aggressive communication and productive relationships building competencies in difficult, complicated, or high stakes professional environments.
It is designed for experts and managers that seek to decrease unnecessary professional drama and therefore the exhaustion risk in an everchanging environment.
Executive Coaching Ethys Executive Coaching addresses physicians with or without managerial roles and nurses with a coordinating position, as well as non-medical managers from the Healthcare Industry, including Pharmaceutical and Medical devices.
Iulia Deac offers you a reliable, professional partnership, at the highest level of confidentiality and respect. Ethys Executive Coaching is of precision, Client-centered, and Results-oriented, at crucial moments of the professional life.
Ethys principles Principles are non-negotiable laws, mainly demonstrated through observation. Principles guide disciplined repeatable actions with foreseeable results.
Values could change, adapt, during the stages of the evolution of an individual, organization, or generally, of the society.
Ethys guiding principles are :
New Layer The principle of logic
The principle of good faith
The principle of mediocrity
MORE DETAILS The principle of logic - The principle of good faith - The principle of mediocrity
Leader Disciplines Profound Respect based Leadership Coaching Education, in Medicine&Tech.

Life isn’t about finding yourself or finding anything. Life is about creating yourself. And creating things. Bob Dylan - the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature. Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese (2019)